Cardiology Sports Congress

Sports cardiology is an advancing field dedicated to improving the cardiovascular care of athletes. Typically, this is carried out in a specialized center which aim at transforming the delivery of cardiovascular care in athletes to promote safe athletic participation. In our Middle East region, this area still in its infancy, and the cardiovascular health issues affecting athletes are not well recognized. In addition, our region lacks specific guidelines related to physical assessment of athletes prior to participation in sports. Furthermore, we don’t have specific scientific research that address certain health issues related to athletes including sudden cardiac death. In the summer of 2019, Bahrain had few cases of sudden death among people in recreational areas over few months.

This prompted the government to take some measures

to address this unusual cluster of cases over a short period of time. Based on that, H.H. Sh. Nasser bin Hamad Al Khalifa, the commander of Bahrain's Royal Guard, president of the Bahrain Olympic Committee and the head of the government’s Supreme Council for Youth and Sports ordered to form a committee from different specialties to study these cases and to find out if there is a unifying cause attributed to these cases.


After few weeks of through evaluation the committee came up with some recommendations including establishing a scientific congress that deals with all cardiovascular health issues in athletes. Based on the great interest of H.H. Sh. Nasser in sports and athletes he approved this initiative. Our planned Sports Cardiology Congress will be the first one in the Gulf region. We are aiming to shed some light in all cardiac issues related to athletes which ultimately result in improving the health care and safety of athletes.

Organising Bodies



At the end of this congress, participants should be able to identify guideline-driven, practical, cardiovascular care strategies for athletes and should be able to: