On Demand Sessions
Main Hall - Day 01
Domenico Corrado -Keynote- The epidemiology and pathological substrates of sudden cardiac death
Mont Lluis - Malignant Arrhythmias in Structurally Normal Heart
Haitham Amin - Cardiovascular Protection in Hypertension
Antonio Pelliccia - Pre-Participation Screening- The Rationale and the Evidence
Sanjay Sharma - The role of ECG in the Screening- strengths and limitations
Saeed Al Saeed - Major Breakthrough results in Heart Failure
Domenico Corrado - How to Manage Athletes with Premature Ventricular Beats
Marawan Reffaat - Marathon Runners with Incidental WPW- what is next
Mont Lluis - Athletes with Cardiac Implantable Devices (PM, ICD)
Main Hall - Day 02
Syed Raza - Managing Athletes with Hypertension
Khawla Ali - Managing Athletes with Diabetes
Haitham Amin - Athletes post MI- Can They Play & When
Syed Raza - A new treatment for patients with Heart Failure reduced Ejection Fraction regardless of Diabetes status
Syed Raza - ARNI - Revisiting Evidence and Guideline
Sanjay Sharma - Athletes with Valvular Diseases
Antonio Pelliccia - Athletes with Cardiomyopathies
Aneil Malhotra - Athletes with Congenital Heart Disease
Marwan Reffaat - AF in athletes- Medical Therapy vs Ablation
Main Hall - Day 03
Aneil Malhotra - Recommendations for the Safe Return to Sports and Physical Activity after COVID-19
Mohammed Alrayes - Risks of Sudden Cardiac Death Associated with Sports in Bahrain Society
Paolo Emilio Adami - Smart Phones and Wearable Devices- are they Useful for Monitoring Athlete’s performance
Ibrahim M. Ibrahim - Remote Monitoring Systems
Manaf AlQahtani - The impact of COVID-19 on Sports and Exercise
Daniele Zaccaria - Exercise Physiology and Cardiovascular health
Paolo Emilio Adami - Environmental Influence on CV Response to Exercise
Adel Al Shaikh - Any Risk from Extreme Exercise
Hall B - Day 01
Namat Alsubaie - الحجامة عند الرياضي - فوائد واسرار
Shaymaa Abdelmaboud - أسباب وطرق الوقاية من الموت المفا جئ عند الرياضي-
Mohammed Saad - المنشطات الرياضية والعواقب الصحية جراء تعاطيها
Jamal Saleh - ممارسة الرياضة في الأجواء الحارة
Zahra Khalifa - How to use AED
Shaymaa Abdelmaboud - How to perform CPR
Weaam Zabar - The Yoga Heart connection
Yousif Sayed Sharaf - فوائد الرياضة من الناحية الصحية والنفسية والاجتماعية
Hall B - Day 02
Mohammed Abdulla - تمارين الكارديو والأحماء
Rashid Al Banna - الرياضة المناسبة لمرضى القلب
Hussain Jaffer - أساسيات التغذية عند الرياضيين
Walid Assr - نصائح ذهبية لممارسة الرياضة نوع ومدي تكرار وشدة الرياضة